Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yet another no-name clown talking about video games. Just what the internet needs!

I figure I'd hop on the recent bandwagon frenzy of blogging. I've always had dreams of starting my own site, but it's probably better to see if I can handle managing a simple blog instead of opening my wallet for a server, domain name, dedicated connection, etc.

Feel free to post whatever, sites that delete viewer comments are a big pet peeve for me. Nobody truly enjoys criticism, but it is necessary to help us improve.

Mostly planning on talking about older games and game design, with some current news every now and then. Compared to the average paid reviewer, I'll probably come across as a cynical, miserable bastard (I'm a firm believer in 5/10 should = average), but because I'm doing this for fun and not for money, you can expect an honest opinion.

I play everything aside from MMOs. Not a big fan of online gaming in general. Favorite games are those with lots of micromanagement and customization, such as Alpha Centauri and Final Fantasy Tactics.

OK, let's get this thing started.

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