Friday, October 1, 2010

3DS to Download Firmware Updates Automatically?

There's no official text source, but a lot of places are reporting that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced Wednesday that they are "looking into having automatic system updates via the internet," in regards to the 3DS. This is done by a feature called "SpotPass," which will allow the 3DS to update even in sleep mode, as long as it has internet access.

No news further than that. The big question is whether you'll be able to turn automatic updates off or if they are forced. Fans of homebrew or less legal things ought to be worried if they are interested in online services. And if Nintendo handles 3DS firmware like Sony handles PS3 firmware (by completely removing features), everybody should be worried.


  1. Ah, the future of consoles. Paying extra to unlock features already on a system is ridiculous. Lame way to fight piracy, just focus on content and quality and your following will surely support you more than enough.

  2. Ugh.

    I'm really not sure how I feel about this. I'm a fan of homebrew games and .. other things.

    I know they're only trying to help bring more money to themselves and other game developers, but is this a bit too far?

    I'm sure someone will find a way around it, though.

  3. i must agree with pandor42 this is just ridiculous

  4. I can't really argue against automatic updates. I'm not usually a fan of most homebrew software.

    I still enjoy using my PS3...Linux got booted, which blows, sure, but it's still a completely usable and worthwhile system. I don't imagine the 3DS will be any different.

    It's also probably a good idea to wait to start rioting until we actually know if the updates are able to be turned off or not.

  5. Nintendo is usually pretty benign when it comes to things like this(compared to sony) but we'll see.

  6. I really do like to be able to control when updates happen, but I can't blame them if they choose to do that.


  7. That is pretty crooked of Nintendo IMO. I consider myself somewhat of a power-user of all electronics and I don't want them doing things unnecessarily without my consent. I loath things such as Auto-Play, Google Instant, and forced updates. Give the users more control!

    Of course I understand the corporate fight against home-brew and illegitimate copies, but it's such a short-sighted fight that can't be resolved by traditional means. Better hardware and software security will continue to be developed and people will absolutely figure out how to circumvent it. It's a game of tug-of-war and no one will win, just become exhausted.

    Free technology from the clutches of money!