Monday, October 11, 2010

Vote for a new Megaman Legends heroine!

Capcom is running a poll in which fans can vote for a character design for a new girl in Megaman Legends 3! They say "new heroine" but it won't be a replacement for Roll.

They also promise that there will be more ways for fans to contribute to the game soon.

Here is a picture of all the females, along with the names of who designed them.

I think I'll have to side with the consensus here and go with Haruki Suetsugu's design. She's currently the leader in votes in the west, while the characters on the bottom row are popular in Japan.

Suetsugu was heavily involved in Zak & Wiki and Zelda: The Minish Cap

And here's an early video of the game.


  1. I'm ashamed to admit I've never played one of the Legends games. I've beaten MM1-8, MMX1-X5, Battle Network 1&2, but never any of the Legends games. My nerd cred has just been revoked.

  2. @Ankiseth

    No shame there, they are very different from the traditional 2D games, and a few MM fanatics I know don't care for them. But definitely worth a try if you don't mind the dated controls - I can't remember for certain, but I don't think they were compatible with analog sticks.

  3. I like Komaki and Suetsugu's designs.

  4. Never played any megaman legends but played the snes series and nes ones. Hope it goes well, then I might get it :D

  5. whoa, your blog's got a good amount of followers!

  6. Amazing, loved the Legend series. Loving how they're keeping the artwork, but hope they make controls/camera a little better.