Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Atelier Rorona Artwork

I've been advancing a little further into Atelier Rorona, but it's starting to get a bit repetitive. The characters grow to become likable, but the battles are still too simple and the requirements for crafting are somehow getting easier. My last assignment was to deliver food for a festival. I don't even have to waste time making it, I can just go to the cafe and buy a handful of pies and soups to turn in. That leaves me three months of grinding other quests.

The one outstanding thing about this game is the 2D artwork, done by artist Kishida Mel (岸田メル). I love it so much I thought I'd upload some. All this stuff is from the early/mid-game. Each of the 14 endings has its own illustration, but as awesome as they are, I don't want to spoil anybody.

 Japanese box art. The west gets shafted again.

 Rorona is Mel's first video game work.
He went on to do the art for Atelier Totori.

 I love the colors!
 Opening the shop.

 Child labor is A-OK!

Decantering from such a height...!

Often, a humorous scene will play after making a new weapon or piece of armor.

Cordelia kind of sucks, but at least she won't charge money to adventure with you.

Meeting Pamela.

Iksel is annoying, but the way he teases Rorona is cute.

Rehearsing for their death metal concert.

The IGN review complained about the lack of manly characters.
They must not have made it very far. 

Oh, dear.

Other works by Kishida Mel include anime character designs for So-Ra-No-Wo-To and upcoming Hana-Saku Iroha. He's done plenty of other work, so look out for more if you like.